New Snapchat Update Replaces Auto Advance With Story Playlists

Snapchat tonight has been updated with a new way for users to interact with other people’s stories, removing Auto Advance and replacing it with Story Playlists. Currently, when a user finishes watching another user’s story, the app automatically begins the next person’s story.

On its blog, Snap acknowledges that Auto Advance “made it impossible to individually choose which story to watch.” Sometimes, Snap says, users only want to watch stories from a select few friends or families. Now when users watch a singular story it will not automatically advance to the next story. To create a Story Playlist users can click on the thumbnail of a stories to queue them into a playlist that will autoplay.

Additionally, Snapchat has been updated to “put friends first.” Snap has moved publisher content from news organizations from the top of the app to the bottom, below the updates of friends, family and celebrities a user may follow.

Snapchat is available for free in the App Store. [Direct Link]

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