Google Debuts 'PhotoScan' App for Scanning Old Photos With iPhone

Google today launched a new app called PhotoScan, which is designed to make it easy to scan printed photographs using your iPhone’s camera.

PhotoScan instructs users to take four separate quick images of a printed photo, stitching them together to create a perfect high-resolution digital copy. Google’s multi-image capture method eliminates issues that normally plague digital photos of print photographs, including glare and distortion.

Automatic edge detection crops photos to the correct size, and PhotoScan is also able to fix orientation and perspective for a clean-looking scan.

PhotoScan gets you great looking digital copies in seconds – it detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare. Scanned photos can be saved in one tap to Google Photos to be organized, searchable, shared, and safely backed up at high quality–for free.

Alongside PhotoScan, Google is also updating Google Photos with improved auto enhance, new looks, and more advanced editing tools for improving images.

PhotoScan can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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