Panic Discontinuing 'Status Board' Data Visualization App

Panic, the famed developer behind apps like Coda and Transit, today announced that it is discontinuing its Status Board app for iPad. The app was released in early 2013 and was intended to help people easily view a variety of relevant data in a beautiful interface.

The developer says that sales weren’t enough to sustain further development, outlining three reasons for low sales. While Panic was hoping to find a sweet spot in between the pro and consumer markets, it found that the market for Status Board was almost entirely pros. Those pro users expected better integration with a wide variety of data sources but Panic wasn’t able to provide that with the limited resources the app generated. And finally, Panic says they were on the “wrong side of the overall ‘want a status board’ budget” as companies bought $3,000 displays to show off its $10 app.

The app will continue to work for those who have it installed with two caveats. Dropbox support will stop in June 2017 and the app’s weather service will end in late 2017. Panic is also urging customers who purchased Status Board in the past 30 days to contact them. While Apple does not provide a way for the company to do refunds directly, it will do what it can to help.

Finally, Panic notes that it’s not feasible for them to open source Status Board because it shares frameworks and code shared by its other apps.

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