Take Care Of Your Eyes Using SafeEyes Application in Linux

SafeEyes is a useful application designed to give your eyes a little break from your computer screen (this is the way how not to get eye strain, ‘asthenopia’), while also asking you to do some eyes exercise which can be useful. It is free and open source developed by Gobinath, it is an alternative to EyeLeo which is only available for Windows.
It stays in the Panel/Tray, and you can manage it from its panel icon, enable/disable or change its functionality or settings. Before hitting the break time the application sends a notification that break is coming, by default notification is displayed 10 seconds before break but you can change this time and break time as well from its settings.
You can skip break by clicking on the icon when break started but this button can be removed from break screen, which strictly allows you to take a break. You can manage long and short breaks, each with configurable duration, adjust interval between breaks.