Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus Has Been Released (Download Links)

Canonical announced the latest version of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus, along with other flavors. It features Linux kernel 4.10, Unity 7 is the default desktop, Libreoffice 5.3.1, GTK 3.24 & Gnome 3.24: “Under the hood, there have been updates to many core packages, including a new 4.10-based kernel, and much more. Ubuntu Desktop has seen incremental improvements, with newer versions of GTK+ and Qt, updates to major packages like Firefox and LibreOffice, and stability improvements to Unity. Ubuntu Server 17.04 includes the Ocata release of OpenStack, alongside deployment and management tools that save DevOps teams time when deploying distributed applications – whether on private clouds, public clouds, x86, ARM, or POWER servers, zSystem mainframes, or on developer laptops.” Zesty Zapus final version includes most recent versions of core set of packages, notable changes: Linux kernel 4.10 version, Unity 7.5.0, Compiz, Gnome Software Center 3.24, Firefox 52.x, LibreOffice 5.3.1, GNOME Calendar 3.24, Thunderbird 45.8.0, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, Shotwell 0.22.x, Nautilus 3.20.x, GTK+ 3.24, Gnome System Monitor 3.24, Gnome Terminal 3.20, Gnome Disks 3.24, Totem 3.24, Gedit 3.22, Mesa 17.0.3, Xorg Server 1.19.3, Pulseaudio is updated to 10.0, systemd 232 and latest versions for other applications.