Intel Embedded in Future Communications Networks

March 30, 2009 – With 7-year extended lifecycle support for communications and embedded markets, four of the new chips from Intel’s powerful line of Intel Xeon Processor 5500 series will support the world’s legacy communications infrastructure, such as wireline phones and fax machines, and enable innovative technology of the future, such as 4G and holographic communications.

Two of the Xeon processors, including a 38-watt version, are from Intel’s embedded business division. These unique processors cater to the thermal and space constraints typical of communications infrastructure applications and deliver increased performance, energy efficiency and virtualization capabilities for embedded, communications and storage applications.

All of the new processors feature Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) for Directed I/O, which allows the integration, consolidation and management of dated telephony applications with new software, resulting in footprint and energy savings. These products also enable 10GbE performance, meeting throughput requirements for current and future communications technologies including VoIP, 3G, 4G, video-on-demand and holograms.

• Intel Xeon processors L5518 and L5508

The L5518 and L5508 are versions of Intel Xeon processors that were tailored specifically for communications market segments. These processors include low-power options ideal for small-form-factor applications in thermally constrained environments such as blades and appliances for communication infrastructure, security, storage and medical applications; carrier-grade rack-mounted servers; and proprietary, non-standard form factors such as router modules and submarine technology.

These processors contain 8MB level-3 cache, and feature Intel Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel HT Technology).

The L5518 offers 2.13 GHz and a power level of 60 watts.

The L5508 offers 2.00 GHz and a power level of 38 watts.

• Intel Xeon processors E5540 and E5504

The E5540 processor offers 2.53 GHz, a power level of 80 watts, 8MB level-3 cache, and features Intel Turbo Boost and Intel HT Technology.

The E5504 processor offers 2.00 GHz, a power level of 80 watts, 4MB level-3 cache.

The Intel Xeon processors L5518, L5508, E5540 and E5504 include 7-year lifecycle support for communications, embedded and storage customers.

Pricing and Availability

The processors are available to customers today. The Intel Xeon processors L5518, L5508, E5540 and E5504 are US$530, $423, $774 and $232, respectively, in quantities of 1,000.

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