Let Sandman Make You Be More Productive With Time Alerts For Sleep

You may know handful of applications that can lead you to be more productive, Sandman is one of them, it is free, open-source and cross-platform application available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It notifies you about your sleep timings that you need to get 7-8 hour of sleep everyday and keep yourself energized and refreshed. First you need to tell the Sandman at that time you need to wake up the next day, and then it tell you when you should go to bed. Now a days like everybody uses their cellphones as an alarm clock, which just wake you up not tell you to sleep.
It works in a way that tells you two things when to give you bed time alerts; your working hours and when you need to wake up. The app learns what times a user works and tells them when enough is enough and they should go to bed. This application is in active development that means if you find any kind of bug or missing feature then report to developer.