Aion Story: Part 2 – The Millennium War

The fighting continued.

The twelve Empyrean Lords, who Aion appointed to protect the world of Atreia and its inhabitants, fought bravely against the Balaur oppressors for years. Appearing as winged and luminescent beings, the Empyrean Lords were admired and worshipped by the Humans for their bravery and unflinching loyalty to preserving life and a reverence to Aion. The two leaders of the Empyrean Lords – Siel and Israphel –assumed guardianship of the Tower of Eternity. While dissimilar in thought and character, Siel and Israphel united in defense of the Tower.

To assist in the battle against the Balaur, Aion gifted the Empyrean Lords with a powerful substance known as Aether. An energy source with limitless potential, the use of Aether was limited to the pure and devout. This included a select group of Human followers. The Empyrean Lords would identify and handpick certain Humans to undergo a physical and spiritual transformation known as Ascension, which saw each Human candidate infused with the power of Aether. As part of the Ascension process, massive wings would erupt from the backs of each Human, gifting them with the power of flight.

More and more Humans experienced Ascension and received the gift of flight. These select Human followers became known as Daevas and streaked through the skies of Atreia as god-like beings, revered and admired by all followers of Aion. Humans incapable of experiencing Ascension came to believe the Daevas were sent by Aion to destroy the Balaur and protect the world. In a way, that perfectly described their arrival and purpose. The numbers of Daevas multiplied under the watchful eyes of the Empyrean Lords, who led the Daevas into battle against the Balaur forces day and night.

But the ancient Balaur proved formidable opponents. Organized and guided by the five Dragon Lords — Fregion as their leader, followed by Meslamtaeda, Ereshkigal, Vritra, and Tiamat – the Balaur clawed their way through Human and Daeva alike in their campaign for domination. The conflict between the forces of Aion and the Dragon Lords soon escalated from isolated battles into full-scale war. Unimaginable carnage and terror gripped the once peaceful hillsides of Atreia for decades. In hopes of protecting itself from the advancing Balaur, Aion manifested an Aetheric Field around the colossal Tower and the surrounding area.

The newly erected Aetheric Field sparked with energy as the Balaur attempted to break through it. In spite of their efforts, the field withstood even the strongest of attacks and gleamed steadfast in the face of the Dragon Lords and their Balaur followers. But the field had a vital flaw, which the enemies of Aion exploited to the fullest. While the field provided absolute protection for everything it reached, anything left outside of the field lay vulnerable to attack. Knowing this, the Balaur showed no mercy and tried to lure the Empyrean Lords out of the sheltering glow of the field. Everything outside of the field vanished under the burning hatred and malice of the Balaur. Rivers turned red form the blood of the fallen and mountains turned to cinder.

The war raged on the outskirts of the field where Daevas and the Empyrean Lords fought bravely against their enemies. Despite the bravery and ferocity displayed on each side of the conflict, each soon realized the futility of the situation. The Balaur could not enter the field to destroy the Tower and the Empyrean Lords and their Daevas could not venture outside the Aetheric Field long enough to secure a decisive victory.

To be continued in part 3 – The Epic Catalcysm

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