Apple-Owned Workflow App Updated With New ‘Mask Image’ Action

Workflow, the automation app that Apple acquired back in March of 2017, was today updated to version 1.7.8, introducing a new Mask Image action, and a long list of other bug fixes and improvements.

As MacStories points out, the Mask Image action added in today’s update is a feature Workflow users have been wanting for several years. The new action, which applies a mask to an image and cuts it into any desired shape, is designed to make it easier to simplify image editing workflows that require image masking features.

By default, the masking feature offers rounded rectangle, ellipse, and icon masking options, but custom masks can also be used.

The new Workflow update also introduces new fields for the Add Things To-Do action, it makes items reorderable in the dictionary action, and it adds support for opening workflows to the URL scheme. Extracting text from PDFs has also been improved, as has drag and drop handling. Multiple bug fixes are included, as outlined before:

  • Workflow names are now case-insensitive
  • Fixed a crash when running the Edit Image action
  • Fixed Todoist and Slack authentication when using a Google account
  • Fixed an issue where icons from Search App Store and Get My Workflows were saved as JPEG, not PNG
  • Fixed an issue where the Encode Media action may not delete temporary files properly when encoding to MP3
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom X-Success URL parameter of the Open X-Callback-URL action did not work
  • Fixed an issue where variables could not be added to arrays in the Dictionary action
  • Fixed an issue where booleans could not be added to dictionaries inside dictionaries in the Dictionary action
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate workflow could appear after searching for a workflow
  • Fixed an issue where Workflow could crash when deleting many workflows at once
  • Fixed an issue where double-tapping a variable button cleared the variable
  • Fixed an issue where the Tweet and Post on Facebook actions did not work from the Today Widget or Apple Watch
  • Fixed an issue where passing the output of Scan QR Code to Open URL did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where workflows could not be edited after being opened via 3D Touch
  • Performance improvements to workflow running
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Other bug fixes and minor additions

Since purchasing Workflow in March of 2017, Apple has continued to provide regular updates to the Workflow app, allaying fears that it would be discontinued and abandoned.

The last update to the app, introduced a long list of bug fixes for third-party app actions, was released in November of 2017.

Workflow can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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