Sleep++ App for Apple Watch Now Offers Automatic Sleep Tracking

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If you’re someone who wears your Apple Watch while sleeping, you may be familiar with the Sleep++ app for the Apple Watch, which offers sleep tracking and analyzing functionality.

Sleep++ was today updated to version 3 and it’s gained a new feature that makes it easier than ever to keep track of sleep quality, length, and other metrics while sleeping — automatic tracking.

The Sleep++ automatic sleep tracking feature kicks in when Apple Watch wearers go to bed at night and stops tracking in the morning, so Sleep++ users no longer need to start and stop sleep tracking every night. For more precise tracking, though, manual options continue to be available.

Today’s Sleep++ update also includes other features like bedtime reminders, notifications with a summary of the previous night’s sleep quality, and the ability to set a nightly sleep goal to reach.

Apple Watch does not have any built-in sleep tracking capabilities because Apple has designed it to be charged at night and worn during the day, but third-party apps are able to provide this missing functionality for users who prefer to wear their watches to bed.

Apple does offer a sleep tracking solution in the form of the Beddit, an accessory that it acquired last year. The Beddit sleep tracker, which also offers automatic sleep tracking, slips under your sheet and monitors sleep quality, heart rate, and other metrics. It does cost $150, though, so it’s far less affordable than a third-party Apple Watch app.

Sleep++ can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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