Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

What is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood?

CoJ:BiB is the prequel to Call of Juarez, the 2007 Wild West action shooter developed by Techland. It is published by Ubisoft, developed by Techland and will be released on Playstation3, Xbox 360 and PC in the summer of this year.

It depicts the wildest West ever through the story of Ray and Thomas McCall, two deadly gunslingers who are in a quest for the legendary gold of Juarez.

Can you tell us more about the storyline?

The storyline revolves around the quest of the two brothers. Everything begins in their native Georgia during the U.S. Civil War, where Ray and Thomas are engaged with the Confederates forces. But their freedom of mind and their strong relationship with each other will lead them to desert the Army and run to the West, during a time when it has not yet been settled. They’ll stand together as they search for a lost treasure, until a beautiful senorita gets between them and pits brother against brother. Along the way, they’ll face a renegade Apache war chief, a Mexican bandit king, and a Confederate Colonel hell-bent on revenge. It is an epic western tale of greed and honor, jealousy and betrayal, violence and finally, redemption.

Can you describe the two brothers?

Ray is the firstborn of the McCall children and thus was used by his father an example for his siblings.

During the Civil War he was downgraded from the rank of an officer to sergeant for disobedience.

He is an authoritative figure and a very choleric type of person. Even though he has strong family values and wants to protect the McCalls he has a personal grudge against Thomas, at the root of which lies a woman.

He is perfect for close range fighting. He loves revolvers and he’s the real pro using them, faster than Thomas. His favorite weapons are dual guns (one in each hand) but he also relies on dynamite and other heavy weapons. He is the physically stronger of the two brothers.

Thomas is the second son of the Georgia plantation owner, and as a result, is always in the shadow of his older brother. Although he was taught the importance of family ties, he became a loner. During the Civil War he fought for the Confederates advancing to the rank of lieutenant.

He is a secretive person who values self-control and independence. He catches the attention of many women and tends to rival Ray in this arena. Thomas is agile and his favorite weapon is a rifle. He’s very efficient at fighting from a distance. He can also use bow and throwing knives. His agility lets him climb with his lasso and pull Ray up when needed.

How would you compare this game & the original opus?

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, takes the best aspects out of the original Call of Juarez. It is supported by the latest version of the Techland engine, the Chrome Engine 4. This engine allows the game to display great, open natural landscapes. The environments are full of life, with constant movement on screen, thereby fully immersing the player in the Wild West. The brothers visit a variety of new locations like a plantation in Georgia, the dry desert of Arizona and a Native American village in the woods. Through their eyes, players will be able to visit all the fabled places of the Wild West: a saloon, a ghost town, a Marshall prison and so on…

The story-driven game is also much more flexible when it comes to gameplay. Players can now choose to embody each of the brothers at the beginning of most of the missions, following specific paths and resulting in different perspectives of the same set of events. The two brothers have specific shooting modes that let them unleash the fire of their guns in very different ways. They can collaborate at specific moments to overcome obstacles but also join their fire when outnumbered.

A game with a darker storyline, where all of the characters are driven by lust and greed, COJ: BiB lets the player discover the fate of two gunslingers in the Wildest West!

Does the game include Cooperative or Multiplayer modes?

Apart from its story-driven single player campaign, the game will offer a wide variety of multiplayer content. There’s no cooperative mode, but we’re working on various multiplayer modes and systems, all strongly Wild West themed from classic team death match to team-based objective modes, an exciting Bounty system and multiple character classes. We’re holding onto the details for the time being!

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