Five iOS Apps Worth Checking Out – April 2018

On our MacRumors YouTube channel, we have a monthly series that’s designed to highlight new, interesting, and useful iOS apps that we think are worth downloading and checking out.

There are so many apps on the iOS App Store, which can make it hard to find new content, and it’s also easy to overlook great apps that are a bit older. We’ve created our app lists to include apps – both old and new – that we personally recommend and have used over the course of the month.

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  1. Forest ($1.99) – Forest is a Pomodoro-based timer that’s aimed at motivating you to put down your phone and concentrate on a task in real life. Forest lets you plant a seed that gradually grows into a tree as long as you leave your iPhone alone and focus on the task at hand. The app has tons of achievements to earn and additional trees to unlock, and it’s a fun way to get motivated.
  2. Burst for Reddit (Free) – Burst provides a new way to browse Reddit, and it’s a solid companion app to other Reddit apps you might be using. Burst has a simple, swipe-based interface that can merge the comments from the same content that’s posted across multiple subreddits, for multiple perspectives on things like news stories.
  3. Goblin Sword ($1.99) – Goblin Sword is a retro-style action adventure RPG where you take on the role of a pixellated hero saving your hometown from a horde of evil monsters. As with most RPGs, the goal is to collect loot, find treasure, upgrade your equipment, defeat bosses, and progress through the levels.
  4. Sweat Deck (Free) – Sweat Deck is a unique card-based workout app that encourages users to draw a card and then do the activity on the card. The idea is to shuffle, draw, earn a card like “10 Crunches” and then perform the task. You can make workouts as simple or as hard as you’d like with customizable options and the ability to draw as many cards as you’d like within a session.
  5. Cupper (Free) – Cupper is an app that will appeal to coffee enthusiasts who are looking for places to visit that offer local craft coffee, so you can find a coffee shop better than the Starbucks on the corner. Cupper can recommend shops in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Austin at the current time, but it is expanding to other locales. If you’re not in a Cupper-supported area, you can still buy artisan coffee from independent roasters across the country.

If you have favorite iOS apps, make sure to share them with us. We’ll check out what you have to recommend and we may include them next month. Want more apps? Check out our recommendations from February and March.

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