DVD Creator: An excellent software for creating DVD/CD

DVD Creator is an excellent software that offers great flexibility and features as a fine and powerful DVD creator. The tool is very simplistic to use. According to the developer – Wondershare, this tool is able to fulfill all your requirements for managing your DVD. It’s available on both Windows and Mac.
You can directly just select all the media contents you want to write to your DVD and let the tool do the job for you. There are a number of options you can change, for example, the writing speed and the DVD format. Got an image (ISO/IMG or similar) file? Let DVD Creator do the job. It burns the image file without any issue.
There are a number of available tools on the internet that can perform similar jobs. Some are premium, others are free. DVD Creator from Wondershare is a freemium tool that can do a lot of things. Let’s find out if it can be a worthy component to have at disposal.


When you start up the app, this is the first screen you’ll get: