iMusic: An Elegant and Powerful Media Player Toolbox

iMusic is a powerful piece of software that offers a huge range of flexibility in managing your music contents. iMusic specializes in managing your iTunes music collection as well. In fact, iMusic transforms the entire usability and flexibility of iTunes in an easier manner.
For example, you can directly sync your local and iTunes music collection directly with your iOS/Android device with just one click. You can also grab music from any other source like YouTube, Spotify, Dailymotion etc.
However, iMusic isn’t a complete alternative for iTunes. There are still tons of music on the iTunes store that you can’t listen anywhere else. There are also a number of conveniences from iTunes that you definitely don’t want to miss out. However, iMusic makes your life a lot easier with a number of various features and easier workflow.
The thing that really makes iMusic great is the ability to grab content from almost all the popular online content sites and syncing your music with any of your iOS/Android device(s).
Let’s figure out the usability and benefits along with the effort required for enjoying iMusic.


At first, let’s have a look at the app.