Manjaro Deepin 18.1.0-pre1 ISO (unstable branch)

@oberon wrote:

Here comes a new test build (minima) of the Manjaro Deepin Community Edition, built against our current unstable branch, using kernel linux51 and Deepin Desktop 15.10.1

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The full package list can be found here

Given that the Deepin environment continues to stabilize I will be happy to provide Manjaro ISOs with this very special and beautiful desktop. My understanding is that there was definitely some resonance with our joint complaint about their development philosophy

On the to-do-list on my Manjaro end there is still a re-organization of the wallpaper packages. I have to come up with a new strategy of how to integrate upstream standard and so-called ‘community’ backgrounds and to avoid duplicate and triple display of some of them in the selector. It’s not a huge problem, I just need to think it through and then re-package some stuff.

Meanwhile this build here can provides a fresh testing ground to evaluate still present bugs in the desktop and also a basis for anyone who wants to install Manjaro Deepin and doesn’t want to run hundreds of updates right at the start …

Have fun!

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