Leaked Photos of Alleged 2019 iPhone Logic Board Surface

Apple is widely expected to introduce three new iPhones in September, and ahead of time, photos of an alleged logic board for at least one of the upcoming devices have surfaced on Slashleaks.

The logic board has a rectangular design, so we assume it belongs to the 2019 successor to the iPhone XR, as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have L-shaped logic boards. The board appears to have been manufactured in early March based on its “1019” date code, which corresponds to the 10th week of 2019.

Only one side of the logic board is printed. While the layout of the chips and circuitry looks quite different from the current iPhone XR logic board, we cannot gather any specific changes from the photos.

The next iPhone XR is expected to feature a dual-lens rear camera system, new green and lavender colors, and 4GB of RAM. The device is also expected to feature up to a six percent larger battery to accomodate a two-way wireless charging feature rumored to be coming to all three 2019 iPhones.

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