IKEA’s New ‘Symfonisk’ Sonos Speakers With AirPlay 2 Now Available for Purchase

IKEA teamed up with Sonos to launch a new line of smart speakers called “Symfonisk,” and as of today, those speakers are available for purchase in IKEA retail stores across the United States.

There are two Symfonisk products that are available: A Symfonisk Table Lamp with Wi-Fi Speaker ($179) and the Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker ($99).

The Symfonisk Table Lamp functions as a standard lamp but it’s also got a smart speaker base, with “rich and vibrant sound” according to IKEA. It comes in both black and white and is designed to save space by combining a lamp with speaker functionality.

The Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker also has a dual purpose, attaching to a wall with a speaker bracket and serving as a bookshelf for small items. The rectangular speaker can also be as a standard speaker or hung up on Symfonisk speaker hooks.

Both of the speakers can be controlled through the Sonos app and both support AirPlay 2, allowing them to be used for multi-room audio with other AirPlay 2 devices. As with all Sonos devices, music, podcasts, radio, and more can be streamed over Wi-Fi even without a smartphone or tablet nearby.

Purchasing two of the same speakers allows for stereo sound to be set up, and Sonos also says that two speakers paired together can be used for a Sonos home theatre system.

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence previously suggested that the Symfonisk Table Lamp’s audio quality would be similar to the Sonos One speaker, and reviews have thus far been decent.

The speakers are in IKEA stores today and can be located using the website’s store locator, and they should also be available online in the near future.

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