About FreeOffice – it’s not being installed by default

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To try and make this more visible even though it has been posted about a lot already:

Manjaro will not be installing FreeOffice by default.

This isn’t happening.

The RC5 and RC6 installer images included FreeOffice so it could be tested. Based on that feedback, Softmaker are making changes to the free edition of their office suite. This benefits all users of the free edition.

The final 18.1.0 images, depending on the edition and choices of the edition maintainer, will either:

  1. Allow you to select which office software suite you would like to install
  2. Not include FreeOffice

This is made possible by improvements to Calamares as it will now allow for different package selections on install. Calamares is used by a number of different distributions so this change benefits all those distributions.

So to summarise: this whole process is helping a company support Linux as a platform, brings more choice to Manjaro, and helps a wide range of other Linux distributions.

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