BattleForge Players Set off on a Renegade Campaign

Today, Phenomic will release two new maps for BattleForge, the new epic RTS. These two maps represent the beginning of the Renegade Campaign, the game’s first free content pack for fans. The new live campaign will have players traveling south, deep into the Wastelands where they will follow the adventures of the white Juggernaut Mo – a monster with a dry wit and a heart as big as his appetite. He searches for his only friend, the savage orc Twinaxe, while his arch enemy, the vicious Captain Blight hunts him across the Wastelands, obsessed with taking down the White Juggernaut Mo. Along their adventure, they come across the trail of the greatest treasure ever known, the stolen treasure horde of the giants. With ogre witch doctors, flying ships and one angry Juggernaut, the Renegade Campaign is filled with adventure at every turn.

The first map being released today is “MO”. Mo is a single player scenario that marks the beginning of Mo’s search for his only friend Twinaxe.

The second map being released today is “Blight”. Blight is a four player co-op scenario where players encounter Mo’s arch enemy, Captain Blight. The Skylords meet this madman for the first time while trying to free captives from bandit hands. This map is a frantic race for freedom as the bandit armies call in reinforcements.

BattleForge is available exclusively for the PC. There is no subscription fee. For more information, visit

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