[Openbox] Rebuild ISO August 14. 2019

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Openbox ISO 19.08.14 Stable Branch

The issue with the sporadic failure of pcmanfm displaying desktop link for Calamares installer has be solved.

New ISOs have been build and uploaded and the screenshots have been reused so I don’t have to waste resources on the server for uploading new ones.

VirtualBox installation

When creating a default VirtualBox VM the wizard creates it with a VMSVGA graphics controller.

Before launching the newly created VM goto the settings dialog of the VM and change the graphics controller to VBoxSVGA.

Please note:

  • Changes made on the ISO do not get copied to the installation.
  • Desktop icons is only used on the ISO to make it easier to launch installer and user guide.
  • Installation screenprint is VirtualBox – not bare metal – your result will differ.

Minimal ISO ram usage after install – screenshot

Full ISO ram usage after install – screenshot

Extra ISO screenshots before install

Change a few settings and it looks like this

  • edit ~/.config/polybar/master.conf
  • change conky
  • change the background



Full ISO

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent

Minimal ISO

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent

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