macOS Catalina Tips and Tricks Worth Knowing

macOS Catalina, the newest version of the software that runs on the Mac, is set to come out in just a few weeks. macOS updates don’t often receive as much attention as iOS updates, so there are some macOS Catalina features that may have gone under the radar.

We’ve covered major new additions in macOS Catalina in beta posts and our roundup, but we thought it would be worth highlighting some of the smaller changes and tweaks that are worth knowing about.

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Notes Sharing – In the Notes app, there are new sharing options that let you share an entire folder of notes or share a note in a view-only capacity, so someone can see it but not edit it.

Easy Multitasking – If you hover over the green button on any app, there’s an option to tile it to the left or the right, which sends it to one side of the screen so you can open another app right next to it for quick multitasking. You can also use this feature to send an app fullscreen, of course.

Signing Documents – In macOS Catalina, if you need to sign a PDF or another document, you can do so with your iPhone or iPad. Just use the Markup menu inside of Preview, choose Signature, and then create signature. You can sign right on your touchscreen after selecting an iOS device.

One-Click Unsubscribe in Mail – There’s a new feature in the Mail app that puts a handy little unsubscribe link right at the top of mailing list emails so you can get off of mailing lists quick.

Picture in Picture – In Safari, there’s an option to enter picture in picture mode by clicking on the little sound icon that’s up in the navigation bar and selecting the “Picture in Picture” option. This pulls out the video window so you can watch while you browse the web. Picture in Picture is also now available inside QuickTime (just click the Picture in Picture button in the navigation controller).

Automatic Dark ModemacOS Mojave brought Dark Mode, but in macOS Catalina, there’s a new “Auto” option that will swap between Dark Mode and Light Mode in the mornings and the evenings. You can turn it on by opening up System Preferences and going to the General tab.

Relocated Apple ID and Device Syncing – macOS Catalina splits iTunes into Music, TV, and Podcasts, which means some iTunes features have been relocated. Device syncing is now handled through the Finder app when an iPhone or iPad is connected, and managing your Apple ID is now done in System Preferences.

iCloud File Sharing – In iCloud Drive, there’s now an option to share entire iCloud folders with another user. Just right click on a folder and choose share.

iCloud File Deletion Tweaks – You can remove downloads from your Mac without deleting them from iCloud in Catalina. Right click on a file and select the “Remove Download” option. This will make it available only on iCloud, with a little iCloud icon denoting that it’s no longer on your machine.

Have other tips and tricks worth knowing that we didn’t include in the video? Let us know about them in the comments.

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