Manjaro ISO naming

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Manjaro ISO naming

With the next version of Manjaro Tools the naming of ISOs have changed.

The goal of change is to have a naming which is making release ISOs easy identifiable by build date and kernel.

The defaults on releases stable branch and x86_64 architecture has been removed and replaced with a datestamp and the kernel used.

The datestamp is based on ISO 8601 – a shortened version without century and dashes.

Future ISO releases on stable branch will follow this recipe




When an iso deviates from the default the variable will be added such as branch.




We hope you appreciate this ISO rename as you can immediately see extra details most importantly the kernel.

Another detail – not less important – is the ability to rebuild release ISOs being easy recognizable by their build date.

To avoid confusion with the current available ISOs the format ddyymm will be staying.

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