CES 2020: iPhone-Connected NURVV Run Insoles Analyze Running Data

NURVV today debuted the NURVV Run, a set of iPhone-connected insoles worn inside the shoes that are designed to analyze running habits and deliver the information to the accompanying NURVV iPhone app.

There are 32 sensors embedded in the insoles that capture data from the feet at 1,000 times per second per sensor, offering running metrics like cadence, step length, footstrike, pronation, and balance, for a complete picture of each user’s running technique.

The data is set to the NURVV Run app for analysis, with the app delivering “actionable insights and personalized coaching” for improvements that can be made before, during, and after a run.

There’s also an in-run coaching feature that’s designed to help users run at a target pace, achieve a chosen time, or beat a personal record with in-run audio and haptic feedback.

A personalized Running Health score is meant to help users determine how sustainable their running is based on training load, pronation, cadence, and balance so runners can reduce injury risk and avoid training too hard.

According to NURVV, NURVV Run is able to fit in all running shoes and is rain, mud, and puddle proof. It features a five hour active battery life.

More information on NURVV Run can be found on the NURVV website, and pre-orders are set to go live today. NURVV Run is available in multiple sizes and is priced at $300.

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