Apple Launches ‘Path to Apple Card’ Program to Help Declined Applicants Get Approved

Apple today launched a new Apple Card program and website that are designed to help people who have their ‌Apple Card‌ applications declined improve their credit to qualify, reports TechCrunch.

Starting today, declined ‌Apple Card‌ applicants will begin seeing emails that offer the Path to ‌Apple Card‌ program, which is opt-in and can run for four months. It uses the information from the initial ‌Apple Card‌ credit application to provide people with details on why they were declined as well as suggestions on how to improve financial markers that could help them get approved next time.

Examples of suggestions include resolving past due balances, making payments to secured and unsecured debt accounts on time, and lowering credit card and personal loan debt. Apple will send out a once-a-month update on progress toward improvement.

When a customer has completed the program, Apple invites them to reapply for the ‌Apple Card‌. Apple has also launched a website that has specific details on how the Goldman Sachs approval process works and how people can boost their chances of approval before applying.

As TechCrunch points out, the suggestions that Apple offers are obvious to those with knowledge of how credit works, but there are many people who do not have a strong grasp on the factors that can impact credit worthiness, and Apple’s program could help these people.

When it comes to privacy, Apple knows whether a person has chosen to participate in the program, but it does not store personally identifiable information or know details about participants’ financial situation. Goldman Sachs does not share the information with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

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