Five Mac Apps Worth Checking Out – July 2020

Apps created for Macs don’t typically receive as much coverage as apps designed for iPhones and iPads, so we crated a series here at MacRumors to highlight interesting Mac apps worth checking out. This month’s apps focus on productivity and feature great tools for working from home.

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  • Twobird (Free) – Twobird is an email app from the makers of Notability that’s designed to integrate with Gmail accounts, adding tools for creating notes, setting reminders, and collaborating with others on notes and tasks. Twobird is basically an all-in-one app that merges list making, note taking, email management, and more, and it’s worth checking out for those who like multi-function apps.
  • Rectangle (Free) – Rectangle is an app for moving and resizing macOS windows using keyboard shortcuts and snap to align functionality. It’s a free, lightweight app that’s ideal for managing multiple windows on your Mac.
  • Silicio (Free) – Silicio adds a mini player with album art and a Today Center widget for controlling music that’s playing on the Mac. It works with iTunes, the Apple Music app, Spotify, and more, providing customizable themes, sizes, and shortcuts along with Touch Bar integration.
  • Bumpr ($2.99) – Bumpr is a simple Mac app that’s designed to choose where to open links when you click them. If, for example, you click on a web link, Bumpr pops up a menu displaying all of your installed browsers so you can choose where to open the link. The same is true for mail apps, which makes this a solid option for those who use multiple mail and browser apps.
  • SideNotes – ($19.99) SideNotes is a note taking app that’s hidden at the side of your Mac’s display by default, but pops out when you need it for jotting down quick notes. The app keeps notes readily available on your desktop, but hidden away when not needed so there’s not another open app taking up space. SideNotes can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut or a swipe gesture, and when opened up, will stay on top of other windows. It supports folders, lists, formatting, and more.

Know of a must-have Mac app or game that we haven’t highlighted yet? Let us know in the comments below and we might feature it in a future video. For more of our Mac app picks, check out our essential Mac apps archive.

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