CES 2021: Arlo Highlights Touchless Video Doorbell and Essential Indoor Camera, Adds HomeKit to Wired Doorbell

Home security company Arlo highlighted two upcoming products at CES this year, both of which received Smart Home awards at the event. The Essential Indoor camera and the Touchless Video Doorbell are both new product offerings that will be released in the coming months.

The Essential Indoor camera is designed to let families choose when the camera monitors and records video through a “disarm mode.” In disarm mode, recording, motion, and audio detection is disabled and won’t be re-enabled until manually done through the Arlo app. Video recording resumes when the camera is placed into arm mode.

The Touchless Video Doorbell is a new entry in Arlo’s camera-equipped doorbell lineup. It uses Proximity Sensing Technology to gauge a visitor’s distance, and when it sees someone approaching, it gives off an audible chime and lights up to let guests know that the doorbell has been virtually “pressed” and that the homeowner has been alerted.

Arlo says that it designed the Touchless Video Doorbell to allow for interaction with limited communal contact, while also keeping the homeowner’s front entry secured. Additional details on the Essential Indoor Camera and Touchless Video Doorbell will be provided closer to their launch date, which has yet to be shared.

Along with these announcements, Arlo today appears to have quietly added HomeKit support to the Essential Video Doorbell Wired, based on an updated support document.

The support page lists the Essential Video Doorbell Wired as a HomeKit-compatible device alongside the Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Pro 2, and more. Enabling ‌HomeKit‌ compatibility requires an Arlo SmartHub or base station with the latest firmware, with Arlo providing instructions on adding ‌HomeKit‌ connectivity.

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