Top 7 Methods to Combat Spam on Your Site

As recent stats show, more than half of the comments posted on sites or forums are spam. They do not carry any useful information and are often malicious. Users can get viruses from opening and running unknown attachments. These can disable the computer and even hack personal data – passwords from bank cards, ID data, and so on. Spambots increase the load on the site’s server, which significantly slows down the page load speed and general site rank. On top of that, bots also distort site analytics data. This affects the analysis of behavioral metrics, traffic, and target audience.

How to Protect Your Site From Spam?

It is never a good idea to wait for the very first sign of a spam attack. You should be ready for it in advance. That’s why we strongly recommend that you read this post, choose the proper spam combat method, and implement it on your end. Be it anti-spam by Cleantalk or any other solution, it will protect your online resource as well as visitors of your site.