iOS 15: How to Adjust the Date and Time of Photos

In iOS 15, the Photos app has been given a significant update that includes a richer Info pane to view information about a photo in your library, such as the camera, lens, and shutter speed used, the file size of the image, and where the image came from if it was saved from within another app.

In another notable addition, you can also edit the date and time when a photo was taken. Here’s how it’s done in the latest ‌‌iOS 15‌‌ developer beta, a version of which will be available to the public in July.

  1. Launch the Photos app and tap a photo to select it.
  2. Tap the info button (the encircled “i” icon) below the image.
  3. Tap Adjust next to the date and time.
  4. Use the calendar and the time dial to choose a new date and time, then tap Done.


Elsewhere in ‌Photos‌, ‌iOS 15‌ features a considerable update to Photo Memories, which now feature a new design, integration with Apple Music, a more interactive interface, and more intelligent memory types, such as improved pet memories, including the ability to recognize individual dogs and cats.

For more information on ‌iOS 15‌, check out our dedicated roundup. Apple will make ‌‌iOS 15‌‌ available for general release this fall.

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