Universal Control Remains Unavailable in macOS Monterey Beta 10, But Now Has ‘Beta’ Label

Universal Control, one of the main new features that Apple highlighted for macOS Monterey back in June, has yet to be implemented even in the tenth beta and it is still unclear if it will be available when the software launches.

Though not yet implemented, Universal Control settings can be force enabled with a feature flag, and it is clear that Apple is working on it behind the scenes. In the latest beta update released this morning, Universal Control settings that have been manually enabled have a “Beta” label.

The “Beta” labeling suggests that Apple could be planning to make the feature available to users when ‌macOS Monterey‌ launches, even if all the bugs have not been worked out. Apple did something similar for the iCloud+ Private Relay feature, which is also available in a beta capacity at the current time.

Universal Control, which is an iPadOS 15 and Monterey feature, is designed to allow multiple Macs and iPads to be operated the same time using the same input devices, so Mac and iPad owners can use a single mouse and keyboard across more than one Mac, more than one ‌iPad‌, or a mix of Macs and iPads.

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