Best Black Friday Deals Available Now on Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, MacBook Pro, More

Although Black Friday isn’t technically until November 26, retailers released a slew of deals over the weekend. It’s not always clear if particularly good deals will last all the way through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or disappear before the shopping holidays, so in this article we’re highlighting all of the best Apple-related sales you can get as of today. If anything interests you, we recommend shopping as soon as possible.

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Apple VS Third Party Retailers

Apple today detailed its annual Black Friday sale event, and as usual it’s offering Apple Gift Cards alongside the purchase of regularly priced Apple products on Although there may be instances in which this is beneficial for certain people, overall the best deals and bargains on Apple products won’t be found on during the week of Black Friday, but on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, B&H Photo, and other similar retailers. For this reason, you’ll see a focus on these third-party retailers in this article.

AirPods Pro

  • What’s the deal? AirPods Pro with MagSafe for $159.00
  • Where can I get it? Walmart

One of the overall standout deals this week is looking to be Walmart’s $90 markdown on the new AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case. It’s available for $159.00 today at Walmart, down from $249.00. This sale will begin as an exclusive for Walmart+ members at 3 p.m. EST today, and once 7 p.m. EST hits it will open up to all shoppers.

We expect this sale to sell out fairly quickly, so act fast if you’re interested. There’s a possibility that other retailers like Amazon could match this sale price, but as of now Amazon has the AirPods Pro with MagSafe at $169.99, down from $249.00.

AirPods Max

  • What’s the deal? AirPods Max in select colors for $439.99
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

We began tracking a new deal on the AirPods Max earlier today, with Amazon now discounting the high-end headphones to $439.99, down from $549.00. Although we’ve seen a slightly better deal in the past (down to $429), it’s unclear if this will return any time soon. Because this new sale still offers over $100 in savings on the AirPods Max, and because we don’t know how long it’ll last, we recommend anyone still on the fence about Apple’s expensive headphones to visit Amazon soon.

Apple Watch

For the older Apple Watch models – Series 3 and SE – now is a great time to purchase the smartwatches. Walmart has the 38mm GPS Series 3 model for just $109.00, down from $199.00. The 42mm GPS Series 3 is also on sale for $139.00, down from $229.00. At $90 off, these are fantastic sales and great entry points into the Apple Watch family for anyone who’s fine with owning an older model.

Stock is fluctuating on these devices, and it appears that the initial 3 p.m. EST drop for Walmart+ subscribers has sold out. However, it’s likely that more stock will appear at 7 p.m. EST tonight, when Walmart’s sale opens up to all shoppers.

Target is offering the 40mm GPS Apple Watch SE for $219.99, down from $279.00. The 44mm GPS model is on sale for $249.99, down from $309.00.

These deals are both all-time low prices on the Apple Watch SE, and you can find similar sales at Best Buy and at Amazon this Black Friday. Target shoppers should remember that you can get an additional 5 percent off your order with the Target RedCard.

If you do want to own the latest and greatest Apple Watch, the best sales you’ll find as of today are $19 off Series 7 models on Amazon. This is only for select models, and some discounts only reach up to $9 off. Because of this, in order to optimize savings we recommend checking out the Series 3 and SE sales mentioned above, as these are the prime example of super rare holiday discounts that won’t last long.

Apple Gift Card

  • What’s the deal? $15 in store credit when purchasing $100 Apple Gift Card
  • Where can I get it? Target and Best Buy

Depending on which retailer you prefer, you can get a $15 gift card from Target and Best Buy when purchasing the $100 Apple Gift Card. These are the best offers you’ll find this season on the new Apple Gift Card, as we don’t see straight cash discounts on these gift cards. If you were planning to buy an Apple Gift Card already, the $15 store credit could also help knock down the price of an Apple Watch SE or pair of AirPods to an even steeper all-time low price.


  • What’s the deal? Record low prices on 2021 iMacs
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon has Apple’s M1 24-inch iMac at $50 off in multiple configurations, starting at $1,249.00 for the M1 iMac with 7-Core GPU/256GB, down from $1,299.00. Additionally, this week Amazon has discounted the M1 iMac with 8-Core GPU/512GB for the first time ever, available for $1,649.99, down from $1,699.00.

Amazon sales always come and go quickly, and we haven’t had a clear picture on what kind of iMac deals to expect on Friday, so if you’ve been waiting for a sale these are solid all-time low prices on the newest iMac.

iPad Pro

  • What’s the deal? Tons of iPad Pro deals starting at $999.00 for 12.9-inch models
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon has a massive sale on 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, offering savings on all models and lowest ever prices on nearly every single one. Prices start at $999.00 for the 128GB Wi-Fi tablet, and jump to $2,249.00 for the 2TB Cellular device. At this point in the week we aren’t tracking any notable 11-inch iPad Pro deals, but there should be at least a few that appear closer to Black Friday.

  • 128GB Wi-Fi – $999.00 at Amazon ($100 off, lowest ever)
  • 256GB Wi-Fi – $1,099.00 at Amazon ($100 off)
  • 512GB Wi-Fi – $1,249.00 at Amazon ($150 off, lowest ever)
  • 1TB Wi-Fi – $1,649.00 at Amazon ($150 off, lowest ever)
  • 2TB Wi-Fi – $2,049.99 at Amazon ($149 off, lowest ever)
  • 128GB Cellular – $1,199.99 at Amazon ($99 off)
  • 256GB Cellular – $1,299.99 at Amazon ($99 off, lowest ever)
  • 512GB Cellular – $1,449.99 at Amazon ($149 off, lowest ever)
  • 1TB Cellular – $1,849.99 at Amazon ($149 off, lowest ever)
  • 2TB Cellular – $2,249.00 at Amazon ($149 off, lowest ever)

Apple Pencil 2

  • What’s the deal? Apple Pencil 2 for $99.00
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

A reliably solid discount has reappeared this Black Friday week, allowing you to get the Apple Pencil 2 for $99.00 on Amazon, down from $129.00. That’s the best price we’ve ever seen for the accessory on Amazon.

MacBook Pro

  • What’s the deal? Lowest price on the new 14-inch MacBook Pro
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon has the 8-Core M1 Pro/512GB 14-inch MacBook Pro for $1,949.99, down from $1,999.00. Although just $50 off, this is a match of the lowest price we’ve tracked to date on this model of the new MacBook Pro, so anyone still shopping for this model should take a look at this model soon. Shipping estimates for the holiday should be of particular concern if you’re looking to make this a holiday gift, as Amazon is currently giving a December 14-21 estimate for delivery on the Silver model. You’ll find similar shipping dates at most retailers, but not the same $50 off sale.

If you want a little more storage, the 10-Core M1 Pro/1TB 14-inch MacBook Pro is on sale for $2,449.99, down from $2,499.00.

We’re keeping track of all this season’s best deals in our Black Friday 2021 Roundup. You can also find more of our daily deals and other offers in our Deals Roundup.

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