KnowledgeHut brings you the best agile foundation and Practitioner certification course – PRINCE2 at most cutdown prices. Our designed PRINCE2 certification course explores principles, processes and themes of the PRINCE2 AGILE Project framework. It covers all the concepts of SCRUM, Kanban and lean startup for a thorough understanding and better concept clearance. PRINCE 2 foundation and practitioner certification course is most admired by professionals planning to pursue a career in project management. We incorporate the most important concepts of Agile in our PRINCE2 course for launching more authentic study material.

PRINCE 2 is an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments. It is a de-facto technology for effectively managing projects. It is widely recognized by all sectors of society and thus finds applications in both the public and private sectors. PRINCE2 course is for non-proprietorial assistance with project management. This not only gives required skills to add to your resume but also significantly improves your ability to execute important projects efficiently in a corporate environment. These PRINCE2 skills have a global appeal and are industry-agnostic too.

PRINCE2 certification consists of 2 levels

Level 1 – PRINCE2 Foundation – This is specifically designed for individuals who are new to PRINCE2 or was just working around it.

Level 2 – PRINCE2 Practitioner – This highest level of PRINCE2 certification is for individuals who are already certified in the PRINCE2 Agile foundation level. The objective of this level is to serve practitioners with sufficient knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2 principles for implementing its tailored methodology in a range of corporate products.

The PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification course blends the principles, processes and themes of PRINCE2 with the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile. This indeed fulfils the need for a volatile project environment using the collaborative and intelligent approach of Agile.

Details about PRINCE 2 certification exam

  • Foundation exam – 50 objective questions, 1-hour duration
  • Practitioner exam – 50 objective questions,2.5 hours duration

Pre-requisites for PRINCE 2 certification exam

  • No requirements – for Prince 2 agile foundation exam
  • PRINCE 2 Agile foundation exam – is required for Prince 2 Agile practitioners exam


KnowledgeHut is all about

  • Most experienced trainers
  • Superior quality course content
  • 100% success rate
  • Real-life case studies and examples
  • More than 1 Lakh professionals trust Knowledge Hut for their successful careers!

Let’s learn more about your knowledge partner – knowledgeHut!

At the end of the course, you will

  • Get a proper understanding of the 7 principles of PRINCE2
  • Understand thoroughly the processes associated with PRINCE2
  • Learn business management and project management skills
  • Getting all related information about the processes of PRINCE2
  • Get practical knowledge on how to imply tailored PRINCE2 to any project
  • Achieve PRINCE2 Foundation certificate
  • Learn the tips and tricks to get a PRINCE2 practitioner certificate

Project managers play a crucial role in shaping the success of an organization. They are ought to be responsible for implementing new technology changing the business landscape and influencing all areas of a business. Let’s meet the changing requirements of project management field!

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