6 Different Types Of Lasers And How They Are Used

Lasers are used in many different ways and there’s a lot more to know than just what you see in science fiction. Lasers can be found in hospitals and dental clinics, classrooms, factories, for cutting or welding metal, and even for generating an extremely precise map of the world! Let’s explore the different types of lasers – what they’re made from, what they do best, and more!

1. Fiber Lasers

Fibers are thin flexible strands of plastic or glass often used in clothing and other textiles. Fiber lasers were first created in 1970 by Dr. Yoshio Noda at the University of Tokyo, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that their potential was realized. Fiber lasers are very precise and they’re commonly used for medical procedures like eye surgery! Fiber lasers are the most versatile laser type in existence. They have a wide range of applications in many different sectors, including medicine, manufacturing,

Now you know all about CO2 lasers, semiconductor diode lasers, gas lasers, DPSSLs, and SOAs! Lasers are an amazing technology that can be found in many different types of industrial equipment, consumer goods, and even medical equipment.

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