Apple Making It Easier For Customers to Donate to Those in Need in Ukraine

Apple is making it easier for customers to donate to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine through UNICEF by adding a banner on top of its website that directs users to an iTunes page that allows them to donate up to $200 using their Apple ID payment method.

Apple says that all donations made through the iTunes portal will go directly to UNICEF USA and its ongoing efforts in Ukraine to support families impacted by the war. Apple has already announced several steps it is taking in response to the situation in Ukraine, including ceasing sales operations in Russia and the removal of several Russian state-sponsored news outlets from the App Store.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in a letter to staff this week, obtained by MacRumors, also said that Apple would match employee donations to eligible organizations aiding in Ukraine at a rate of 2:1, retroactive for donations made since February 25. Cook has publicly said Apple will donate to efforts in Ukraine, and Apple has said it is “deeply concerned” about the ongoing conflict.

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