Popular Ski App Slopes Adds Apple Watch Ultra Action Button Support

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Popular skiing and snowboarding app Slopes over the weekend added support for the Apple Watch Ultra‘s Action Button, making it one of the few third-party apps with native support for the feature.

‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ owners can program the Action Button to start a workout using the Slopes app, making it quicker to begin a skiing or snowboarding session. The Slopes app is designed to automatically determine your resort or backcountry location when a workout is started, so all that’s needed is to activate the Action Button.

There are a limited number of third-party apps that support the Action Button at this time, and popular titles like Strava have yet to implement support. Apps and features can be launched using Shortcuts, but it is more convenient for users when developers build the feature into their apps.

The Action Button can be customized through the Settings app on the ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌. It supports several native Apple Watch functions, such as launching a workout, starting the stopwatch, adding a waypoint to the Compass app, starting a dive, activating the flashlight, and launching a user-created Shortcut.

Slopes is available for free from the App Store, but there is a premium subscription or a daypass subscription that is required to unlock all features. The developers behind Slopes are often quick to add new iOS functionality, so the app also offers Live Activity support for the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, widgets, and other features.

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