Google Chrome Gains Support for Passkeys, Making it Easier to Log Into Websites and More

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Google Chrome has announced it has gained support for passkeys, a new industry-wide standard with the hope of replacing passwords by making it easier and safer to log into websites and apps.

With passkeys, users can authenticate and log into websites using their iPhone or Android devices, replacing the need for a password. On newer versions of iOS and Android, users visiting websites that support passkeys can use biometric authentication on a trusted device to confirm their identity. Writing in a blog post, Google said it was adding passkey support to Chrome, which will let users scan a QR code on their Android or ‌iPhone‌ device to log in. Passkey support is also coming to Chrome on Android.

On a desktop device you can also choose to use a passkey from your nearby mobile device and, since passkeys are built on industry standards, you can use either an Android or iOS device. A passkey doesn’t leave your mobile device when signing in like this. Only a securely generated code is exchanged with the site so, unlike a password, there’s nothing that could be leaked.

A number of other companies and apps have introduced or announced upcoming support for passkeys, including 1Password, PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, and more. Passkey support in Google Chrome is available now with the latest update. To learn more about passkeys, check out our explainer.

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