Popular Adventure Game ‘Stray’ Now Available for Apple Silicon Macs

Adventure game “Stray,” which is designed to let players take on the role of a daring orange cat, is available for download on the Mac as of today.

Though the game was first released in 2022, it has been limited to Windows machines and PlayStation consoles until today.

In this third-person adventure title, a stray cat’s curiosity causes him to get stuck in a walled city filled with robots and mutant bacteria, and the aim in the game is to get back up to the surface using B-12, the cat’s drone companion.

Stray asks players to solve puzzles, bypass obstacles, and complete quests while avoiding security bots and evil bacteria. The game is platform-based, so players will need to climb up various obstacles and interact with the environment to open up new pathways.

Since the main character is a cat, players can sneak, sleep, meow at robots, and nuzzle up to NPCs. Stray is limited to Apple silicon Macs, and it uses Metal Upscaling for accelerated graphics performance and high-quality visuals.

Stray can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $30.
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