T-Mobile Offers Free Ad-Supported Hulu to Subscribers

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T-Mobile today announced that people who subscribe to the Go5G Next plan will have free access to ad-supported Hulu content starting on January 24.

Hulu is a perk that joins the existing Apple TV+ and Netflix subscriptions that T-Mobile Go5G Next users have access to.

T-Mobile says that free Netflix, Hulu, ‌Apple TV+‌, and MLB.TV add up to more than $35 per month or $400 per year in benefits.

The Hulu plan that T-Mobile customers are able to access is valued at $7.99 per month, and it does include ads during shows and movies. Hulu says that ads typically play at the beginning of the stream and throughout the video, similar to a traditional TV broadcast.

T-Mobile’s Go5G Next plan is the company’s highest-tier plan that includes a smartphone upgrade with trade-in on an annual basis. It is priced at $100 per month for a single line.

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