Joomla CMS update na verziju v1.5.15

Skripta otvorenog koda Joomla CMS (content management system) je updatovana na verziju  1.5.15 . Ovaj update donosi doststa ispravki i može se preuzeti sa zvaničnog sajta.

Modifikacije /Izmene:

Sigurnosne ispravke :

– Moderate Priority – Core – Front-End Editing.
– Low Priority – Core – XML File View.


– Allowed search to use the Itemid of the current Menu Item
– Removed unnecessary quotes in search results
– Fixed problem when using relative URL’s in editor with SEF enabled.
– Fixed formatting problem in Category List layout with Internet Explorer
– Fixed problem with entering HTML in user confirmation messages
– Fixed Media Manager issues in Windows
– Fixed problem with Archived Article filters when cache is enabled
– Fixed RSS feed problem with ampersand in page title


– Allowed underscore character in menu names
– Fixed problem with mod_newsflash and altenative read-more text
– Fixed problem with Alias Menu Item Type not opening in new window
– Fixed problem with UTF-8 characters in breadcrumbs


– Fixed problem with email cloaking and non-ASCII characters
– Fixed TinyMCE configuration error
– Fixed problem with multiple editor instances on one page
– Fixed problem whereby TinyMCE stripped some image HTML
– Fixed TinyMCE Extended Valid Elements problem
– Fixed problem with TinyMCE blockquote
– Allowed Firefox inline spell check to work in TinyMCE
– Fixed problem saving changes in TinyMCE
– Fixed TinyMCE problem with caption.js and filtering
– Fixed TinyMCE bullet issue with Internet Explorer
– Made image title names consistent in front and back end
– Fixed issue with email cloaking and images
– Fixed problem in email cloaking syntax
– Fixed caption alignment when image alignment is not set
– Fixed JavaScript error in TinyMCE
– Added option to create templates in TinyMCE editor
– Fixed problem with TinyMCE Sql
– Fixed problem when using email cloaking and JavaScript
– Fixed problem with email cloaking when using images


– Fixed problem with missing template CSS files
– Fixed problem with linked images in Beez template
– Added default text color for backend error messages
– Added missing spinner.gif
– Fixed problem when copying Beez template to new name
– Fixed error in JA_Purity template with Internet Explorer 8


– Added TinyMCE Language file for Toggle Editor button
– Added Ulaanbaatar in timezones
– Fixed problem with localisation of pagination strings
– Added missing Display # language string
– Added missing com_media language strings
– Improved tooltip text for mod_search
– Fixed problem with version information for core languages


– Fixed problem with FTP fields auto-completing


– Don’t show password in configuration.php file
– Fixed problem when Itemid does not exist
– Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility issues
– Fixed problem with caching for com_weblinks and com_contact
– Fixed additional PHP 5.3 compatibility issues
– Fixed problem with warnings in system_config.php file
– Added missing JEXEC checks in code
– Fixed problem converting UTF-8 characters to ASCII
– Added option to disallow users to view extension XML files
– Fixed problem with onAfterDisplayTitle event and PHP 5.3
– Fixed problem with displaying error messages with right-to-left languages

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